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Alberti bass is a common form of bass accompaniment in which the notes of a chord are played one at a time in the following order: lowest, highest, middle, highest. For instance, the notes of a C chord (C, E, and G) would be played one at a time in the following order: C, G, E, G. This is often repeated until the harmonic movement of the music progresses to a different chord, at which point the Alberti bass accompaniment would play the notes of the new chord.

Alberti bass was named after Italian Composer, Domenico Alberti, who used it extensively. He was not, however, the first to use it. Alberti Bass is, perhaps, most commonly found in music from the Classical era, but is also fairly common in a wide range of other musical genres, from jazz to surf rock.

Alberti bass is featured prominently in the music of Mozart.


Pipeline By The Chantays - The song Pipeline by The Chantays contains a prominent Alberti bass pattern played by the rhythm guitar.

Mozart Sonata In C, K545 2nd Movement - Throughout this famous piano sonata, the left hand can be heard playing in the Alberti bass pattern.

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